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What Are The Visual Elements Of Your Marketing Saying About Your Business?

The human brain reacts to what our eyes see based on what we already know. So ignoring the design elements of your marketing communications can be a very risky move for your business. At Q2 Interactive Media, we’ll work closely with you to develop a strategic plan for all the visual components of your marketing and help you maximize every impression you make.

Your logo, business card, brochures, and banner ads are all part of your brand. Consumers expect a certain level of consistency from a business they can trust, and you’re sick of dealing with a different designer for each marketing piece. At Q2 Interactive Media, we’re on the same page as you from the initial consultation. We listen and fully understand your brand so that we can convey it in your e-newsletters, web video and even your social medias.



They did a great job for me. I would recommend them to any business owner who is serious about getting their business online. Mike understood what type of image we were trying to portray online. ...
Art Ruiz